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Companies that provide import and export services face the everyday legal provocations of dealing with the laws and rules that govern this industry. Since each country throughout the world has their own unique laws that regulate outsourcing import and export services, the legality surrounding the way a private company deals with these laws can be confusing and overwhelming. Not being familiar with the laws of a country that you would like to conduct business with, often results in imports and exports being held in customs for an indefinite amount of time. Everett Pitt Consultants offers the benefits of having an import export service provider handle these challenging aspects of your business.


Donald Johnson

Executive Manager
I had the pleasure of working with Consultio as part of a 6 month ‘Regional Retail Leadership Program’. Her passion for leadership development is evident to help others.

Import Export Business Essentials

Due to technology’s current ever-expanding growth rate, global trade is easier and more efficient than ever. However, before any sort of importing or exporting can take place a business needs to follow certain procedures that allow for the proper development of the business and its potential trading partners. Some of the fundamentals of export import logistics management include the following:

Understanding the Global Market
Create a List of Products That You Would Like to Import or Export
Supply Sourcing
Product Pricing
Locating Customers
Establishing Logistics

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