Intelligence Solutions

In-depth intelligence for your tactical and strategic sourcing needs

An underlying trend at leading organisations today, is the shift to strategic sourcing for most important categories, this transition however, is not easy. The organisations can do the spend analysis basis their internal data; use advanced technology platforms to monitor important KPI’s; and may also hire in-house industry experts for a couple of most important categories. However, most organisations find it difficult to get a deep and comprehensive understanding of various supply markets that they source from. This knowledge is critical for strategic sourcing to yield best results

To make the best decisions possible without falling behind, procurement must ensure it has access to and effectively uses supply market intelligence

Our Intelligence report will deliver

Strategic Sourcing Solutions
Tactical Sourcing Solutions
Detailed Supply Market Research
Emerging Market and Technology Trends
Supplier Identification
Supplier Prequalification
Supplier Surveys
Competitive Benchmarking of Incumbent Supplier
Identification of Category Specific Risks and Opportunities
Negotiation Intelligence
Expert Interviews on Trends and Forecasts
Supplier Relationship Management
Get in the know, stay in the know

We’ve all seen what happens when the supply chain breaks down. It leads to lost sales, unhappy customers, and can damage a company’s reputation,do NOT take risks..engage the experts -Everett Pitt Consultants.


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